Reflecting Our History

1980  The mission was founded as Lord of Peace and met in the basement of Emmanuel Methodist Church, Amelia. During the 1980’s the congregation was led by the Rev. Bob Stull, the Rev. Gerry Ash, and the Rev. Chip Gamble.

During the 1990’s the congregation was served by the Rev. Cliff Atkinson, the Rev. John Cochran, and the Rev. John Carson. In 1993 it became a “store front church,” renting property at Quail Creek, and also purchased land nearby.

2000 – 2010 were busy years.  The congregation’s name was changed to Church of the Good Samaritan in 2001. Ground was broken for the current building in 2003 and members of the congregation, assisted by a number of professionals and volunteers, worked every weekend to build the existing facility – which was consecrated by the   Rt. Rev. Herbert Thompson, Jr. in 2005. During those years the congregation was guided by the Rev. Rob Mattheus, the Rev. Dcn. Carol Callahan, the Rev. Francis Twiggs, the Rev. Tom Van Brundt, and the Rev. Cn. Jim Hanisian.

In more recent years, the congregation has functioned as a Common Ministry mission with strong lay leadership. The Rev. Robert Hufford, the Rev. Susan Lehman, and the Rev. Debbie Gamble have served, most frequently, as supply priests.

COGS Mission Council (2018)

Dena Morris, Senior Warden; Nancy St. Clair, Junior Warden; Mary Jo Beziat, Clerk; Mark Kay Victor, Treasurer; Charles Buhler, and Jenny Grossman.